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Something About Gitmo Yo' Hardheaded Prankster Ass May Not Have Considered!


I swear to God you Yankees are so ANTI-AMERICAN it's made you retarded!

Ever thought that our work in Gitmo fits in with God's divine purpose and that the divive purpose is TO KICK SOME FUCKIN' MOSLEM ASS.

My Jesus, my friend, will take his belt off and whip some anarchist HIPPIE BUTT!

You Yankees may give up and throw in the towel but the South will never surrender to a bunch of worthless homicidal Arab shitheads and their Black Muslim allies and other domestic enemies of this country.

Columbus was with Isabel and Ferdinand on January 2, 1492 at the capitulation of Granada.
Abu Abdullah handed the keys to Isabel and the last mosque in Europe closed it's doors and Abdullah hauled his worthless ass over the Strait of Gibraltar back to Fez where the Moslem moron belonged.

Columbus used this opportunity to pitch his western voyage to The Far East. He proposed to pay for his voyage with the gold he would bring back from Japan. He also promised the royal couple enough gold SO THAT THE CHRISTIANS COULD CONQUER JERUSALEM.

Columbus missed Japan but he found Cuba.

Because of American intervention, Independence Day in Cuba finally occurred on May 20, 1902.

President Reagan said it best on May 20, 1988 on the 86th anniversary of Cuban Independence:

Speaking for myself, and I think speaking for the Vice President also, it gives us great pleasure to join with the Cuban-American community in commemorating the anniversary of a great day in the cause of a free Cuba: the establishment of the Cuban Republic 86 years ago. On that day, May 20, 1902, the bonds of friendship between the peoples of Cuba and of the United States were reaffirmed. The birth of the Cuban Republic was the culmination of a long and arduous struggle, of revolts, political imprisonment, executions, and exile. Today that passion for a free Cuba remains alive in the hearts of thousands of Cubans everywhere. Cuban-Americans have demonstrated what a free people can accomplish unencumbered by tyranny, and I am confident that the time will come when the spirit of freedom will reign in Cuba itself.

From Stode's pageant of Cuba:

The date set for the formal raising of the Lone Star Flag of Cuba Libre was May twentieth, Ascension Day, the anniversary of that miraculous day in which Our Lord rose straight from earth to heaven. It was doubly significant in that it was also the anniversary of a later day when the indominable soul of Cuba's discoverer, Cristobal Colon, at length broke from the moorings of its pain-racked body and drifted beyond the mortality of temporal disappointments into Paradise- or, if it were forbidden that opiate place, into some dream-created province of its own, ineffably more glorious that Kubla Khan's fabulous city, which the Admiral had missed, or that "most lovely land ever human eyes beheld"- this Cuba, which he had seen and smelt and heard and savored and set possessive feet upon. Now for the first time in four centuries and a decade, since 1492, when Columbus planted the banners of Aragon and Castile on Cuban soil, the lovely land was free again. It was such a day as rarely comes more than once in a country's chronicle, and the Cubans were by nature equipped to make the most of it. For in the phrase of Heine, Liberty is something the Latin loves as his bride. "He burns for her; he is a flame; he casts himself at her feet with the most extravagant protestations; he will fight for her to the death; and he commits for her sake a thousand follies."

Why in the fuck are you Lefties so goddamned concerned about a group of murderers who ought to be taken out and shot to death tomorrow morning?


Gotcha didn't I because your brain drew a blank.

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