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Brophy has pulled out the BIG GUNS on us! University of Texas, School of Law, Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law, Academic Shithead Professor BRIAN R. LEITER, the youngest chairholder in the history of the law school of Texas has called us "LOCAL RACISTS AND REDNECKS".

God, I need a Gorilla bisquit after that kind of inhumane assault!
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August 29, 2005 http://www.utexas.edu/law/faculty/profile.php?id=bleiter
A New Way to Increase Your SSRN Downloads: Antagonize Local Racists and Rednecks!
Some will recall the controversy that ensued when legal historian Alfred Brophy (Law, Alabama) drew attention to the University of Alabama's involvement with slavery and the University eventually issued an apology. Local racists and rednecks were not at all pleased by this development, and took their ire out on Professor Brophy. But there is a silver lining in every cloud, it turns out, since on one of the racist chat boards they discovered Professor Brophy's work on SSRN! Not only did Professor Brophy get downloads, he even got "helpful" feedback on his work. Here is the posting that started it all:

RE: No Reparations Without Repatriation- Ever Wonder Why You Are Such A Miserable Failure?
I robert register to abrophyhttp://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=561441

After reading that DePaul article, I figured out what your problem is. I am sure you have heard of reincarnation. Well, I believe a past life is at the root of your problem. See, back in one of your many miserable past lives, you were a mean old white woman who was called "Ole Miss" by her servants. Every time your husband went down to Mobile to sell his cotton, you took out all your frustration on his servants and when he returned from market he found all his field hands whipped bloody by overseers who were ordered to do their devilment by YOU.

This explains why you have chosen to abort the truth and to take the path leading to failure.Your defeat at everything you touch and your attempts to produce miscarriages of justice are simply the wheel of karma allowing you to pay reparations for the sins of your past life as an evil, sadistic hag.

This produced a follow-up posting as follows:
Re: No Reparations Without Repatriation- Ever Wonder Why You Are Such A Miserable Failure?
This boy is one of a long line of race pimps who trade on largely imagined and exaggerated racial infractions for money, power, sex, and, yes, even academic prestige. Examples of this genre are Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakan, Morris Dees, Alvin Holmes, etc. It is a huge industry in the country, apparently unstoppable, because any critics are labeled racist, which today is a label worse than murderer. Brophy attends these academic conferences where he presents papers about his "research" at his benighted southern university, where the neo-Confederates are so drooling, cross-eyed bigoted that they don't even realize that they should apologize and surrender the entire institution to the blacks who built it and rightfully own it. All of his "colleagues" from Madison, Boulder, Berkeley, while nibbling brie and sipping Merlot sadly shake their heads and ask why he stays there. And of course, the answer is, that he has it made, because the nutless administration of the University of Alabama is afraid to expose the little pinched-off turd as an opportunistic fraud and run him off to the next institution he'll victimize.

All this prompted an e-mail to Professor Brophy from this fine fellow:
Subject : Re: No Reparations W/O Repatriation

Mr. Brophy:I'm just a 'sideliner' in that I'm watching what's going on. It causes me distress that you're espousing a concept that is not only impractical, but in actuality a 150-plus year-old 'bait and switch' rallying call. You do not come across to ears and minds that ponder solutions, but as an educated (do not read as "smart"), academic paranoid who believes if the fecal cauldron will not be kept in motion unless by your blatherings; thus you'll feel like you're insignificant. (Read that any way you wish, but do NOT make it out as a 'race' thing.) Your biggest fear is in the end you'll be discovered as someone who needs to be heard -- on any subject as long as it attracts attention to you -- to justify your personal security blanket and one who really isn't convinced of the veracity of what you say.
Best wishes for successful therapy,
R. L. Wait
Mr. Wait had obviously cut to the heart of the matter: Professor Brophy's goal all along was to increase his SSRN downloads!
According to the Dean of the University of Alabama Law School's Guide To The Media, Academic Shithead Professor Alfred Brophy is the university's expert on reparations and other remedies.

This appeared in Swarthmore's Daily Gazette:

Alfred Brophy, professor of law at the University of Alabama, started the discussion by laying out some of the "key points of contention" in the debates about making reparations to descendants of African American slaves. He spoke of the great differences between those in favor of reparations, who emphasize the horrors of slavery; and reparation skeptics, who highlight the opportunities available to African Americans today and lay the blame on African American culture for any perceived social inequities. Pro-reparations himself, Brophy asserted that one in four African Americans live in poverty, and explained that "if we didn't have these inequalities, there would be no talk of reparations." Brophy saw the best chance for reparations in legislation and private action, citing the J. P. Morgan Company as a heartening example of the latter. According to Brophy, J. P. Morgan recently issued a public apology after investigating its history and confronting the fact that their predecessor company used slaves as collateral for loans. Acknowledgment of this history also led J. P. Morgan to institute a college scholarship program for African Americans in Louisiana.

In this paper The Academic Shithead Professor of the Brophy Chair In The School of Overeducated Knuckleheads argues that you can eventually get slave reparations by sueing the State of Oklahoma because in the 1920s the State of Oklahoma condoned a shadow government made up of the Ku Klux Klan which enforced the color line. What a Partlow case!And he's on state payroll! Does the State of Alabama have a taste for self destruction? When you flirt with Brophy, you are CERTAINLY "Flirting With Disaster"!

Ulysses Tory, et al., Petitioners
Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.
April 29, 2004
Lower Ct:
Court of Appeal of California, Second Appellate District
Case Nos.:
Decision Date:
October 29, 2003
Discretionary Court

Decision Date:
January 28, 2004

~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Apr 26 2004
Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due June 1, 2004)
May 19 2004
Order extending time to file response to petition to and including July 1, 2004.
Jul 1 2004
Brief of respondent Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. in opposition filed.
Jul 13 2004
Reply of petitioners Ulysses Tory and Ruth Craft filed. (Distributed)
Jul 14 2004
DISTRIBUTED for Conference of September 27, 2004.
Sep 28 2004
Petition GRANTED.
Nov 1 2004
Consent to the filing of amicus briefs in support of either party recieved from counsel for the petitioners
Nov 9 2004
Consent to the filing of amicus briefs in support of either party received from counsel for the respondents.
Nov 12 2004
Joint appendix filed.
Nov 12 2004
Brief of petitioners Ulysses Tory and Ruth Craft filed.
Nov 12 2004
Brief amici curiae of Los Angeles Times Communications LLC, et al. filed.
Nov 12 2004
Brief amicus curiae of Thomas Jefferson Center for Protection of Free Expression filed.
Nov 12 2004
Brief amici curiae of Historians Alfred Brophy, Paul Finkelman, Kermit Hall, Michael Meyerson and Stephen Siegel filed.
Nov 12 2004
Brief amicus curiae of AFL/CIO filed.
Nov 12 2004
Brief amici curiae of Michelangelo Delfino and Mary Day filed.
Dec 17 2004
Brief of respondent Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. filed.

Presenting The Super Hero of Academic Shitheads: Alfred Brophy

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