Saturday, July 16, 2005

How could I know that the following post would outrage my former associate, Dr. Oscar Tucker...

Subject :
It Happened Down Where Spring Creek Goes Into The River Below Maggie's Mill Pond!!!!

Gull, you have gotten the creative jui....uh....faculties cranked up.
[hey, my niggah,crank up dah fun{K}!]
Anyway, the scene of the tragedy is clear in my mind. It was a terrible thing to witness. The speed at which the boat hand went under was phenomenal. When he returned to the surface he was either unconscious or dead. That was a moment that would soon change the world. The deck hand was a really big guy; over six foot four so when he hit the surface he made quite a presentation.
Eyes shouldn't see what those kids witnessed.
Red eyed Old Tom, 35 feet long, grabbed that boy by the belly, pushed the fellow out
in front of his snout and began towing him to shore pushing forward as he swam straight for the girls. The gargantuan bull gator ignored
the young
women, swimming
past them like some saurian riverboat all the way to shore.
Only then did the full impact of Leon's deadly dance with DNA become completely apparant.
This was Leon Shannon's gift to this sinful world.
A new century's
throwback from the dinosaurs, picked the big deck hands body up off the sand and disappeared with it over the riverbank.
Down in the water, the silence was broken by Margaret Galloway, "Holy shit, wait till I tell Daddy about this!"

NOW HERE IS THE BIG O'S OUTRAGE AT MY POST. [this knucklehead, a former Tuscaloosa Shitty Schools Superintendent, who is worshipped by the Tuscaloosa News, actually had a few drinks with me one night at his house and told me about the secrets which had been placed in my personel file by the most malicious academic shitheads you can imagine.]

This cat needs to get a grip but I'm afeared dat at his advanced age, chances are, it ain't gonna happen.

Re: It Happened Down Where Spring Creek Goes Into The River Below Maggie's Mill Pond!!!!
Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:48:25 -0500

Hi Robert,
I find your humor disgusting. In the past, I've always respected your desire to be different, even when most of your colleagues at Druid and CHS, black and white, thought you were the pits. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Your bigotry, because you can no longer camouflage it, emerges full force.
Please remove me from your mailing list.

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