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Perhaps the most noted and quoted line from this "Scottish Declaration of Independence" is forged in bronze at the Bannockburn Battlefield. "It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom -- for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself."
Noone ever truly wins and noone ever truly loses. A lot of what has transpired here in Alabama in the last few decades is not only superficial but also artificial. Not much has changed around the dinner table. So much of what you have praised and held up as some sort of standard is nothing more than the consequence of judicial fiat. Since the vast majority of Alabamians detest your ideas of "progress", only strong arm federal police power can maintain the so-called reforms of the past 40 years.

You can call me a loser or say that I am without ideas, however, everywhere I go during my workday I encounter almost nothing but people who believe exactly as I do. My black friends are more afraid of black people than I am. They, as I do, see the status of public safety in Tuscaloosa as intolerable and that the "prison reform" that is needed is simply locking up violent offenders and letting them out when it's time to put them inside a pine box.

I really don't know what kind of world you live in. You seem comfortable with your ideas so I must assume people are not completely honest when they talk to you. I dare say you cannot walk into any hardware store, plumbing supply store, electrical supply house, glass repair shop, insurance office, garage, tire shop, real estate office, bait shop, lumberyard, locksmith or paint supply store in Tuscaloosa and spew your "progressive" rhetoric without casting a pall over the conversation. Myself, along with virtually all of the people I associate with consider your anti-Southern stance not only anti-Southern but also anti-American. If anyone actually ascribes to your views, I doubt they have much impact upon the world of commerce in this city so, in the words of Bob Dylan, "time will tell just who has fell and who's been left behind. When you go your way and I go mine."
Bro' man, you are on the losing end. Not me. The ideals I promote have stood the test of time for over 200 years and they will be preserved by coming generations of Alabamians.

I have saved many of your newspaper clippings. You infuriate people. Your values are so alien to this culture they will have as much impact as a drop of spit flowing over Niagara Falls.
It is no accident that the Tuscaloosa News refused to publish the precinct results for the last presidential election. Every day in every way, Alabamians of consequence are speaking with a single voice.
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"Oscar D. Tucker" <otucker@comcast.net> wrote:
One more time Robert, the South lost. Don't you get it? You LOST, but you don't have to spend the rest of your life acting like a loser.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Re: Alfred Brophy's Latest Faculty Evaluation on the "Academic Shitheads" Blog

40th anniversary of the Selma March this weekend. A buddy of mine came by with a couple of Rent-A-Cop uniforms and his German Shepherds and wanted to go to the reenactment on the Edmund Pettus Bridge today but I said, "Naw, I already got enough Hell in my life. I don't have to go looking for it."
Capn, here's the deal. These jokers call Jeff Davis, Robert E. Lee and my ancestors Nazis and claim nothing has changed and they're still being victimized by the "system" because they have progressed so far and are so sophisticated that they aren't able to get up and go to work in the morning. So now we got lots of Mexicans to do the work these knuckleheads refuse to tackle. Only one problem for Oscar and his ilk:lots of our Mexicans vote Republican because they ain't on the dole like they are on the Rio Grande and in Southern California.

I've been meaning to tell you this. My Grandfather Register's Daddy, Gillespie Register, is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery high above the Choctawhatchee River north of Geneva, Alabama. Some of his brothers are also buried there. The cemetery was started during the Second Seminole War in 1836 when the Creeks killed the entire Alberson family. The Albersons were the first people buried there and the Alberson Stretch of the Choctawhatchee below Geneva on the Florida Line is named after that family. My Grandfather Register's Daddy's oldest brother, William Duncan Register, is not buried at Wesley Chapel. He is buried in downtown Chicago along with 6000 other Confederate P.O.W.s.
My Grandpa Register's uncle,W.D. (William Duncan) Register, Geneva, Alabama, Co. D. 1st Ala, Tenn & Miss is buried in the largest Confederate cemetery in the North, Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. His name in on the bronze tablet on the link below:http://www.graveyards.com/oakwoods/confederate-names/tablet012.jpg

My Grandpa Register volunteered for WWI and did not have a pleasant experience. After Pearl Harbor, he told my Daddy, Earl, not to volunteer but wait to be drafted so he'd always have that in front of his name with the U.S. Army. My Daddy and all of his friends in Dothan were drafted on Valentine's Day of 1942. My Daddy served kicking and screaming through 16 campaigns in the African, Mediterranean and European Theatre.
My point is that I have a healthy respect for what "the system" can do for you or do to you. This situation we have here in Alabama right now is intolerable and people like Oscar Tucker ,who claims to be a spokesman for his race, ought to be ashamed to play "the race card" yet they do it every day.
Like I tell 'em,"The greatest thing that has happened to me lately is that my black friends are more of the n......rs than I am."
And that's the way it is...
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Hmmm, must be springtime in Bama, way things are heating up.

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Oscar D. Tucker

Shame! Shame! I thought you were a man of ideas. Have your ideas been exhausted and your only recourse is name calling? Fight with ideas, Robert, not with slobbering invectives.
Big O,
I fight any way I want to and the post I forwarded you is not from me but from a friend.

You hang around a few more years and get ready to acquire a taste for crow because we are gonna rub your nose in it every chance we get for the NEXT TEN YEARS!
The gloves are off, baby, and everything you find offensive about me , my associates and the culture into which you were born is going to be exalted and your ability to print your diatribes in the Tuscaloosa News will come in handy cause you gonna have lots of stuff to bitch about.
The flag will fly once again from our state capitol!
We're back and back with a vengeance and the kneejerk reaction of folks in Alabama kissing your ass for the past thirty years is over with.
Welcome to the real world, Oscar. No more KOWTOWING to your fantasies of oppression. No more being polite and biting our tongues. You have earned it and you will get it.
It's as if you never left.
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Subject :
Re: No Reparations W/O Repatriation

Mr. Brophy:
I'm just a 'sideliner' in that I'm watching what's going on. It causes me distress that you're espousing a concept that is not only impractical, but in actuality a 150-plus year-old 'bait and switch' rallying call. You do not come across to ears and minds that ponder solutions, but as an educated (do not read as "smart"), academic paranoid who believes if the fecal cauldron will not be kept in motion unless by your blatherings; thus you'll feel like you're insignificant. (Read that any way you wish, but do NOT make it out as a 'race' thing.)Your biggest fear is in the end you'll be discovered as someone who needs to be heard -- on any subject as long as it attracts attention to you -- to justify your personal security blanket and one who really isn't convinced of the veracity of what you say.Best wishes for successful therapy,R. L. Wait
Re: No Reparations Without Repatriation- Ever Wonder Why You Are Such A Miserable Failure?

This boy is one of a long line of race pimps who trade on largely imagined and exaggerated racial infractions for money, power, sex, and, yes, even academic prestige. Examples of this genre are Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakan, Morris Dees, Alvin Holmes, etc. It is a huge industry in the country, apparently unstoppable, because any critics are labeled racist, which today is a label worse than murderer. Brophy attends these academic conferences where he presents papers about his "research" at his benighted southern university, where the neo-Confederates are so drooling, cross-eyed bigoted that they don't even realize that they should apologize and surrender the entire institution to the blacks who built it and rightfully own it. All of his "colleagues" from Madison, Boulder, Berkeley, while nibbling brie and sipping Merlot sadly shake their heads and ask why he stays there. And of course, the answer is, that he has it made, because the nutless administration of the University of Alabama is afraid to expose the little pinched-off turd as an opportunistic fraud and run him off to the next institution he'll victimize.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

No Reparations Without Repatriation- Ever Wonder Why You Are Such A Miserable Failure? I
robert register
to abrophy
After reading that DePaul article, I figured out what your problem is.
I am sure you have heard of reincarnation. Well, I believe a past life is at the root of your problem. See, back in one of your many miserable past lives, you were a mean old white woman who was called "Ole Miss" by her servants. Every time your husband went down to Mobile to sell his cotton, you took out all your frustration on his servants and when he returned from market he found all his field hands whipped bloody by overseers who were ordered to do their devilment by YOU.
This explains why you have chosen to abort the truth and to take the path leading to failure.Your defeat at everything you touch and your attempts to produce miscarriages of justice are simply the wheel of karma allowing you to pay reparations for the sins of your past life as an evil, sadistic hag.
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