Friday, November 05, 2004

Didja really think Brophy would ever shut up?

Of course ya didn't!

On Friday, October 22, 2004, Professor Brophy presented a paper entitled The University and the Slaves: Apology and Its Meaning
at the State Apologies Conference at UNC- Chapel Hill. He appeared along with Pablo de Greiff (International Center for Transitional Justice) "The Role of Apologies in National Reconciliation Processes: On Making Trustworthy Institutions Trusted" and Ralph Wilde (University College, London) “Apologies by the United Nations and the Responsibility of Member States” .

He opened his paper by quoting me word for word! Thank God he didn't attribute the quote to me because I had cautioned him,"Boy, you'd better do one thing. Don't let two words ever come out of your mouth: Robert Register!"

He did, however, quote one of my posts to the CW and I have no problem with that because I wrote:

"In my opinion, Professor Brophy is a advocate for all the forces now waging a war of cultural genocide against Alabama's history and traditions."

Will somebody please tell me why BAMA needs to spill this sort of intellectual pollution on the Earth and feels the need to actually hire wormy academic shitheads http://academicshithead.blogspot.com like Brophy to teach at OUR UNIVERSITY?
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